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Within our Federation of schools, we intend that all our children will develop a deep curiosity and appreciation for the art that is around them, and to experience the wonder which comes with seeing, appreciating and developing their own opinions about the art that has been created by others and the artwork which they create themselves.

Our children will develop an understanding of the five elements of art by studying colour, form, line, shape and texture through the development of practical skills including painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, textile and the creation of art using digital media.


  • Planning is differentiated where necessary to ensure that children are developing the basics in one skill before moving onto the next.
  • Our scheme of work is taken from the Chris Quigley Essentials curriculum, and is enhanced with carefully chosen content from a variety of carefully chosen websites such as Pixilart. We do not limit the number of websites used as new, interesting and relevant content is being created all the time.
  • Wherever possible, learning experiences are hands-on to facilitate the creative process. Children have opportunities to learn about a variety of different traditional and contemporary artists.
  • Specific vocabulary is set out and planned for the children, to develop a varied and extensive vocabulary by the end of KS2.
  • Rich experiences are planned for all children, including those with SEND. Class teachers know their children best, and are empowered and supported by both the Art co-ordinator and the SENCo to adapt the activities to ensure that the needs of all children are met, and that all children have the opportunities to excel as scientists.


  • That all children develop an appreciation for a range of different art forms, and that they are able to access a wide variety of learning experiences to enable them to develop specific skills.
  • That all children progress to KS3 with a solid foundation in primary Art, which will both enthuse, enable and empower them to approach their KS3 art careers with confidence and curiosity;
  • That children will see Art as a relevant and exciting future career path, regardless of their backgrounds.

Art Long Term and Golden Threads plan

Progression Maps Art

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