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Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE)

Subject Intent:  

We aim to develop resilient, independent, loving and caring individuals who have a sound awareness of the key principles of relationships, respect, careers, health and safety to prepare them for future life.  

We wish to:  

  • develop pupils’ cultural capital by giving pupils the information they require to gain a knowledge of the wider world through awe and wonder experiences.  
  • create an understanding of a multicultural and diverse world in which we live.   
  • promote acceptance, respect and celebrate our differences.   
  • inspire awareness of local and wider communities to make positive changes to the world. 
  • embed how to keep safe  
  • foster British values and what it means to be British.  
  • Expand understandings of careers to prepare and inspire pupils.  
  • nurture positive relationships (including RSE). 
  • cultivate positive, healthy strategies for physical and mental wellbeing.  


  • As a school, we have a strong mixed age long-term plan that caters for the needs of all pupils within our school delivering a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Explicit weekly PSHE/PSED sessions across the school with daily reflection opportunities
  • We provide enhancements within our school through visits and visitors within our school
  • We provide all pupils with opportunities to take a step back and appreciate life (awe) and ask questions that we can discuss as a school (wonder).
  • Pupils have the opportunities to reflect on, express their views and opinions
  • Opportunities to develop children’s social, emotional and mental health through trained staff and individualised interventions.
  • Pupils have opportunities to explore British Values – for example involvement in interviews, school improvement groups, questionnaires, voting and general elections.
  • Staff members are trained in mental health first aid for children and adults
  • Pupils are given the knowledge and vocabulary to articulate their learning, concerns and strategies for seeking support
  • We have strong safeguarding strategies which are regularly shared with pupils for clear understanding and articulation


  • Pupils will be confident and resilient learners.
  • Pupils will be able to articulate about staying healthy both physically and mentally.
  • Pupils will have a rich vocabulary and vast subject knowledge.
  • Pupils will be prepared for the next step in their lives and have a knowledge of opportunities after school life.
  • Pupils to be able to articulate their feelings and understand feelings of others.
  • Pupils will make strong relationships and understand what a ‘positive’ relationship is.
  • Pupils will have good communication and listening skills to maintain positive relationships.
  • Pupils are able to articulate concerns and access help when required.
  • Pupils have a clear articulation of the protected characteristics
  • Pupils know how to keep themselves safe
  • Pupils know the age appropriate knowledge of puberty and Sex Education
PSHE Association
Toilet Twinning
Global Classrooms
Dogs Trust
Phunky Foods


Early adopters for the RSE curriculum 2019

Archbishop of York Young Leaders

Here are some of the following things our school has done to enhance our PSHE curriculum:



Hear what our children have to say about PSHE:

‘’ We learn how to stay safe in and out of school, we learn to look after ourselves and the people who keep us safe, illegal/legal drugs and how to cope with bullying.’’ – Year 5 pupil

‘’ I like PSHE because it helps me for my future as I will know how to be safe.’’ – Year 3 pupil


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