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Pupils will: 

  • Develop a vivid imagination portrayed through their Speaking, reading and writing. 
  • Expand their vocabulary and knowledge of phonics, spelling and grammar.
  • Select literary devices to meet the needs of their audience and purpose in each text type. 
  • Foster a love of reading for pleasure across a range of contexts showing their appreciation of the entertainment values of written work.
  • Confidently articulate their reading with expression, accuracy and fluency.  
  • Express their excellent understanding of communication skills by listening and responding in discussions.
  • Captivate an audience through their story telling skills to excite and engage. 
  • Respect opinions through debates, collaboration with others and whole class discussions.
  • Strive for excellence through the presentation of their work. 



We have: 

  • Carefully curated a mixed age long term plan tailored to pupils needs and interests following ‘Literacy Shed’ scheme of learning.
  • Ensured a varied range of text types, genres, authors and topics are covered throughout English text and whole class readers.
  • Differentiated planning to meet the needs of all pupils to ensure they thrive within mixed age classes.
  • Explicitly taught vocabulary to enhance pupils understanding of etymology.
  • Embedded English National curriculum objectives throughout foundations subject to ensure clear cross-curricular consolidation.
  • Daily phonics and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) in small group teaching.
  • Guaranteed daily reading opportunities for reading for pleasure in each class each day through careful timetabling.
  • Employed a drama specialist to deliver tuition to all pupils.
  • Conducted KS2 plays to the local community.
  • Supported staff with specialist knowledge through CPD opportunities.
  • Enhanced pupils understanding of careers in English through career fairs and guest speakers.
  • Dedicated time to hold reading workshops, enhancements days and guest speakers to enhance our curriculum.



Our pupils will: 

  • Make good or better progress. 
  • Be confident, imaginative, engaged and resilient learners. 
  • Have a secure understanding and tolerance of diversity in our community and the world.
  • Have a rich vocabulary and strong understanding of the English language both written and verbal. 
  • Display a love of reading and writing for a purpose.
  • Be fluent readers who seek out different genre of books.
  • Understand the benefits and necessity of English in other areas and are ready for the next stage of their education.
  • Have an awareness of professions linked to English.

Knowledge progression

KS1 English Long Term Plan

Handwriting Progression Printed – EYFS

Handwriting Progression Cursive – KS1 and KS2

EYFS Literacy Long Term Plan

KS2 English Long Term Plan

Reading VIPERS in KS2


Schemes of Learning

Literacy Shed





English scheme of work

Literacy Shed – Reading Vipers and Comprehension  











Letter join

Handwriting scheme







Little wandle phonics scheme





Spelling Shed

Pupil Voice 

Here is what our pupils have to say about their English learning: 

Y6 Pupil – ‘’I like writing long narratives over a long period of time because I get to be imaginative.’’ 

Y4 Pupils – ‘’We get to use our imagination.’’ And ‘’ We write letters and stories’’ 

Y1 Pupil – ‘’We practise our handwriting every day so we can improve.’’ 


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